Camping & Gear Drop


The 24 Foundation campground is a place to kick back, relax, and hang out with your team when you’re not out on the Loop. Camping isn’t required, but it’s definitely more fun! Bring your tents, blankets, canopies and other camping gear and set up wherever you find a spot. There’s plenty of room for everyone!

Tent Rentals

Want to camp, but don’t have a tent? We’ve got you covered. Team tents will be available for rent through the 24 Foundation Store. We have 10×10, 20×20 and 20×30 canopy options available, as well as tables and chairs. Make your team tent a set-up to remember! Remember, there are awards involved for the best-decorated setup.

Gear Drop Directions

Any experienced 24 Foundation participant will tell you, team means “Together Everyone Achieves More!” Bring a crew of friends to unload your equipment and the process is sure to be easier and much faster!

There will be a traffic circle in the front of Butler University East Mall.  This is where gear can be dropped off before parking your car.

Volunteers and event signage will lead vehicles to the gear drop area.

After gear has been dropped off vehicles will have the option to park in the new parking garage facility located in the 4700 block of Sunset Avenue, between 46th and 49th Streets. Motorist access to the 1,040-space garage is available from Sunset Avenue.

Please help us out by following these directions to keep cars flowing.

Gear Drop Times

General Participant Gear Drop – Friday 1:00 – 4:30 pm

Pick Up – Saturday anytime after 10 am