Let's Do Something Sweet!

Welcome to the 2020 Corporate Breakfast. We may not be in person this morning, but we know the impact we make together will provide crucial supportive oncology programs to the Charlotte community. Thank you for helping us change the course of cancer. As you enjoy your cookie and brownie from our friends at the Batch House, we invite you to scroll and see your generosity come to life.

Below you’ll find a moving summary of 2020’s 24 Hours of Booty: UnLooped event, which showed all of us the power of a community united for a cause. You’ll also hear from our beneficiary partner Atrium Health Foundation, and how the dollars raised through 24 Foundation are changing the course of cancer at Levine Cancer Institute and Levine Children’s hospital.

We love to share about the work we’re supporting through our beneficiaries and grant recipients. We invite you to see more by taking a look at our annual Impact Report, found here..

You’ll also find a story from a survivor who is benefiting from the programs that partner dollars fund in our city, plus a sneak peek of our newest event, The 24,000 Mile Challenge, which will kick off January 9, 2021. A pandemic can’t slow down our impact, and with your support, we know we will keep moving forward.

Our partners at Atrium Health Foundation and Levine Cancer Institute are invaluable to the work of 24 Foundation. Atrium Health Foundation President, Armando Chardiet, shares his thanks and the impact that 24 Foundation and our community partners are making each day in the lives of those affected by cancer.

Funds raised by 24 Foundation events directly benefit the supportive oncology work of Levine Cancer Institute and Levine Children’s Hospital. These programs, including acupuncture, massage, art therapy, music therapy, healing touch, and more are provided free of charge to cancer patients and caregivers impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

Our annual 24 Hours of Booty event is presented by Levine Cancer Institute, and registration for 2021’s event opens 1.24.21. Join us as we celebrate our 20th year of changing the course of cancer alongside Atrium Health!

Meet Karen. A cancer survivor benefiting from 24 Foundation-funded programs at Go Jen Go. This is her story.

“In June of 2017, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductile Carcinoma Her2+ and Estrogen +. My treatment consisted of 6 rounds of chemo, double mastectomy, oophorectomy, reconstruction, and 5-10 years of Tamoxifen. I am currently experiencing bone pain and lymphedema; however, I am not going to let that stop me, I still have life and love to give!

A friend of mine who has gone through breast cancer told me about Go Jen Go! I was out of work during my treatment, however the bills kept coming! I couldn’t help meet the needs anymore, and the stress was building up. My two daughters (at the time were 10 and 6) were affected by everything I was going through. I couldn’t play with them or spend quality time with them like I had before, because chemo made me sick.

I didn’t want them to be sad and destitute because I had cancer. So, I asked if Go Jen Go had a fund for summer camp, and to my surprise they did! My daughters went to the camp of their choice and enjoyed every bit of it! Go Jen Go provided financial support to my household which was a major blessing, and lifted an enormous amount of pressure off my husband! If that wasn’t enough, here is the icing on the cake…Go Jen Go sent a MOUNTAIN of gifts to me and my girls for Christmas! We were so overwhelmed, it was like we HIT THE JACKPOT! Although they asked me to give them a list, I thought it would have been a blessing just to get this or that! But all I can say is, I was speechless! So, the cherry on top was that Mr. Joe himself, came to deliver all those presents to our home! When I found out who he was, my husband and I wrapped our arms around him! The tears were definitely flowing!”

Read more of Karen’s path to survivorship here.

We’re kicking 2021 off in a big way, as we invite Charlotte to take “Big Steps for Small Heroes.” Together, we’ll traverse 24,000 miles all over the city. This event is perfect for runners and walkers or avid Costco weekend shoppers. Registration will be just $35 for adults and $15 for children. Fundraising is encouraged and all proceeds will benefit our pediatric cancer partners, Levine Children’s Hospital and other pediatric partners. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with community partners at specially marked “double dip” locations to double their miles and share the experience with us on social media.

If you’d like to be a big hero in the new year, please contact Katherine Murphy, 24 Foundation Director of Community Partnerships, at katherine@24foundation.org