All threeFor John Raab, team captain of Betty and the Butt Crackers, it was always a goal of his to ride in 24 Foundation Indianapolis. He had previously participated as a Booty Crew member for the event, but when his sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, 24 Foundation provided him with a way to fundraise for a cause as well as complete his goal of riding in the event.

“I felt it was my Booty Duty,” said John Raab. “[24 Foundation] has given me a renewed sense of purpose.”

Adding to his list of goals for this year Raab intends to ride 100 miles along side his teammate Bob Boehman, whose goal is 300 miles. To complete this goal, Raab looks forward to the most exciting part of the race, “riding into the wee hours of the night.”

This year their team consists of Raab, his daughter, his school principle and a friend whom he met last year while riding. This is one of his favorite parts of the race, being able to meet new people with similar interests and the possibility of new teammates.

Raab’s team may be small, but they are hardly overlooked due to their unique team name and cycling attire.

“We held a fundraiser at work and whoever donated the most money won the privilege of naming our team,” Raab said. “ We ended up with Betty and the Butt Crackers.”

The donors also choose race attire for the team to wear each year. Last year the team’s uniform consisted of pink tees and pink tutus, but this year their outfit choice is still to be determined.

Want to see what Team Betty and the Buttcrackers will be sporting on the Booty Loop this year? Register for the 2015 24 Foundation Indianapolis here.


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