Stephanie BrownIn 2004 Stephanie Brown began her journey with 24 Hours of Booty as a semi-cyclist after she lost her dad to cancer. For the last 13 years as a captain and team member, Brown has always admired her eclectic group of riders made up of co-workers, friends and family riding for a common goal.

As team captain in 2011, Brown adopted her personal saying,“Carpe Diem” as their 24 Foundation team name because it validated their motto to “Ride bikes, fight cancer, and seize the day!” Her team is stays fairly small, never exceeding 15 people. In fact, that year her team of 15 members won the Top Fundraising Award.

For Brown, the most exciting part of 24 Foundation is how much money she can raise collectively with the community to make a difference. Last year, Carpe Diem’s 10-member team was well represented raising over  $24,000 and having over 50 percent of their teammates earn jerseys. They had three yellow jersey winners and two red jersey winners, as well as first time team member Paul Meyer win Rookie of the Year. They often joke and call themselves “the little team that could,” but this little team rode over 850 miles total achieving personal and group mileage goals.

They are all self motivated,” Brown said. “Everyone has a connection to cancer – it’s a no brainer. They participate because their hearts are in the right place.”

The team does not generally hold large fundraisers, but they have included restaurants and food fundraisers in the past, such as their campaign “BBQ for Booty” held in 2011 at Mac’s Speed Shop.

This year, Brown is looking forward to the start of the event and the first lap around the loop.

“There is so much emotion, anticipation and support of people who turn up from all over,” says Brown.

She also loves the neighborhood support and being able to hear multiple rider stories throughout the event. Brown is very eager to encourage others to ride in 24 Foundation and is patiently waiting for this year’s event.

The wait is finally over! 24 Foundation registration opens this week! Register here on Thursday,  January 29 starting at 9 a.m. to commit to joining us in July!

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