Kasten BlogJessica Kasten registered for her first 24 Foundation in 2011 for the second annual Atlanta event. She initially saw the event on Facebook and it sparked an interest due to her close connections with cancer, so she decided to participate.

The first ride for Kasten and her team was dedicated to her friend and colleague Stan, who was diagnosed with liver cancer. Stan and Kasten worked together at a local school. Kasten and Stan formed Team “Teachers with Booty” because it was only made up teachers at the time. Team Teachers with Booty supported Stan by creating t-shirts with his name to ride in his honor. Riding in the event ever since, Kasten has lost many people to cancer, but has also known many survivors whom she continues to ride for. As the team began to grow and expanded beyond teachers, they changed the name to Team “Kancer Kiboshers”.

Fundraising is a year-long commitment for the Kancer Kiboshers, this year Kasten held a Wildtree tasting party at her home. Wildtree is a Mary_Kay-style company that allows customers to host parties at their homes or businesses; anytime someone purchases an item Kasten received a portion and put it towards 24 Foundation.

“First time riders should just know they should go at their own pace and have fun,” says Jessica Kasten, Team Kancer Kiboshers captain. “This is not a competition and they should just be sure they let themselves enjoy the weekend.”

Kasten has met many amazing people at 24 hours of Booty and says it feels great to be doing something important for loved ones fighting cancer.

“I have met amazing people, I feel so good to be doing something so important for loved ones and everyone dealing with cancer,” says Kasten.  “I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.“


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