KlipschAccording to the Dana–Farber Cancer Institute, “Music therapy can uplift and transform survivors, bringing the mind body and soul into perfect harmony.”

Klipsch is a leading global manufacturer of premium sound solutions for consumer and professional markets and proud sponsor of 24 Foundation.

The relationship between Klipsch and 24 Foundation began when a friend invited Rich Doppelfeld, vice president of Global Human Resources to the Charlotte event. Doppelfeld was impressed and inspired by the enthusiasm and passion of the riders and staff, and was eager to share this experience with his family and friends.

In 2011, 24 Foundation announced an expansion of the event to Indianapolis, Indiana. Doppelfeld shared his Charlotte experience with President and CEO of Klipsch, Paul Jacobs, leaving him no choice but to involve the corporation in the cause.

“24 Foundation provides an opportunity to raise money to fight cancer, but also promotes true team building, esprit de corps and healthy living,” says Jacobs. “This event creates a positive feeling at Klipsch and our employees, families and friends look forward to participating in the annual 24 Foundation.”

Klipsch formed a team in Indianapolis and distributed in-ear headphones and KMC 3 wireless music systems as giveaways and prizes. This year the team is expecting 25 plus riders at the Indianapolis event. Doppelfeld and his team raised over $13,000 in 2014. They show their support by riding in custom Klipsch cycling jerseys with the 24 Foundation logo, as well as camp out in Bootyville.

“You get a true understanding of the importance of sponsoring and participating in 24 Foundation at the start of the event,” says Doppelfeld. “The executive director asks the riders to raise their hands if they or someone in their family has been affected by cancer and almost every hand is raised.”

To join a team a or sign up as an individual rider, check out our registration page here.

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