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24 Foundation is often referred to as “Woodstock meets Tour de France”, a community environment connected and energized by stories. Oftentimes when riders are asked, “What is your favorite part about 24 Foundation?”, their first response is talking to other riders, volunteers and spectators and hearing about why they ride or how they became involved. These stories band riders together and pushes them to ride a little farther and raise more money in the fight against cancer. 24 Foundation shares these stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph with others in an effort to invite others to join us in the fight against cancer and increase our impact in the local and national cancer community.

David Hull, a managing partner at Hull & Knarr rode with his co-workers on a company team for the first time last year in 24 Foundation Indianapolis and shares his first-year riding experience.

“As a company owner, I care about the wellness of my employees; and also know it’s important for them to “give back” to the community.  Additionally, I want to show them that they are appreciated by way of a team-building event.  All of my goals were accomplished in one ridiculously fun event, the 24 Foundation, held annually at the Butler University campus in Indianapolis. It was the best “company picnic” in my firm’s 15-year history.  The fact that it was also making them healthier and contributing to wonderful cancer charities just makes having a great time become guilt-free. We had laughs and also networked with other cyclists and companies that in turn have helped to grow our business.

How good of a cyclist do you have to be? NO ONE CARES how good you are, everyone is welcome!  Whether it’s enjoying a leisurely ride, accomplishing a personal best, or coming out to hang with your friends/colleagues, it’s just a big bicycle festival for a good cause.” – David Hull, Managing Partner of Hull & Knarr.

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