Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.01.55 PMRace Pace Bicycles, a family owned business that once resided in a small row house in Baltimore in 1978, has been a partner with 24 Foundation for many years. There are now five locations with a network of almost 100 employees and some of the top brands of bicycles and gear featured at the stores.

Paul Cavalieri, one of the owners of Race Pace Bicycles, partners with the Ulman Cancer Fund, a beneficiary of 24 Foundation. When Cavalieri first started riding his bike, he was unsure of the best routes, what to wear or even how fast to ride. After this experience, he has began to offer training rides from his shop to equip new riders with everything they need know from safety, attire and basic bike etiquette. Training rides allow riders to get more comfortable with their bicycles and pushes them to set and achieve individual goals. From a business standpoint, it not only creates a love for riding, but also creates a more open and productive place for individuals to learn.

For bike safety, Cavalieri points out that 24 Foundation is a unique event that has a repetitive course that rides through the night, where individuals tend to get too comfortable and forget about basic bike safety.

“Safety preparation is often overlooked and I think it is pivotal to an event like this,” said Paul Cavalieri. “Making sure your bike is ready to go before a big event can make a huge difference.”

Participants who are unsure of basic safety rules can attend Cavalieri’s training rides to be more prepared for 24 Foundation on August 20-21st. In addition to bike safety, Paul recommends that riders stay hydrated!

“At a minimum you should be drinking 20 oz of water an hour and eating something every hour,” Paul said. “Calories are your fuel and if you aren’t eating, you are going to run out of gas and it is very hard to replenish on the bicycle.”

Riders should eat and drink even when they are not hungry or thirsty so that they are able to keep their energy up and not cause any health risks. At 24 Foundation, participants receive three meals, unlimited snacks, drinks and coffee, plus have access to a midnight pizza party.  There should be no empty stomachs on the Booty Loop!

For this event, Cavalieri encourages newcomers to reach out to people who have been participating for many years and volunteers who are there to help. It’s important to be engaging as a community as we #FightasOne. We are all there for one cause and to have fun raising money!

Join us August 20-21st on the Booty Loop here.