The-Good-Ride-1We are excited to announce that 24 Foundation has acquired the name and rights to The Good Ride.

The Good Ride brand was created by Michael Hernandez, a long-time 24 Foundation supporter, participant and fundraiser. Fueled by a passion for philanthropic causes, Michael developed The Good Ride to bring together those who share a love of cycling to generate positive change in the Charlotte community, with a specific emphasis on cancer awareness. In 2014 he created The Good Ride to provide a community-centric charity event aimed at raising money for 24 Foundation and creating lasting memories for riders, sponsors and volunteers.

At this year’s Charlotte event Michael’s efforts were on full display as he led the Good Riders team, which ranked as the second runner up among the top fundraising teams and raised more than $89,000!

We are excited about having The Good Ride brand as part of the 24 Foundation umbrella. This acquisition enables us to further expand our reach to help cancer patient navigation and survivorship programs, particularly as we look toward expansion.

We appreciate Michael joining 24 Foundation in the fight against cancer and for trusting 24 Foundation to own and manage The Good Ride brand.

“I know The Good Ride brand will be in great hands with 24 Foundation,” said Michael Hernandez. “My goal with The Good Ride has always been to serve those currently battling cancer and the individuals who support them in their fight. No matter where they live. With its current infrastructure, network of riders and resources, 24 Foundation can more effectively take the timeless spirit of The Good Ride and assist survivors across the country.”

We look forward to the exciting possibilities as we engage communities in support of cancer survivorship and navigation programs. Thank you for being part of our community and helping put cancer in its place!