WillSellers_Beard24 Foundation Columbia rider, Will Sellers, is putting a spin on No-Shave November and the Movember, a movement raising awareness and funds for men’s health projects, and giving his donations to support 24 Foundation and the fight against cancer.

Instead of swearing off shaving for the month or growing a fancy mustache, Will agreed to a dare prompted by co-workers to shave half his face for the month of November if he received $500 in donations. This fundraiser is kicking off his 2016 fundraising campaign for next year’s 24 Foundation, where he hopes to raise $5,000. Will has received a lot of publicity around the office and has toyed with the idea of shaving half of his head, but said a much larger donation would spur him to agree to that dare.

Initially, Will admits he hated fundraising, but has overcome his apprehensions and found fun, inventive ways to raise money for 24 Foundation. Will sets a fundraising goal every year and looks forward to riding with his son, Liam, and spending time with my corporate team talking about work and riding. His eventual goal is to ride the Grand Tour of  24 Foundation in all cities across the country so he can meet more great people.

“I think the best part [of fundraising] is seeing the generosity of folks,” said Will Sellers, 24 Foundation Columbia rider and team captain of Booz Allen Hamilton. “I’m often surprised by the amount of people who donate. It’s always a great way to connect with folks and learn more about their story and what motivated them to give.”

Will primarily uses email to garner support from family, friends and co-workers, but this year says he is going to use Facebook also to help his fundraising efforts. He makes sure that his email blasts are non- committal or as he says, “guilt trippy” because he wants other to donate because they feel compelled to the cause and not because they feel obligated to donate as his friend.

“I do enjoy promoting the ride and the cause as both of these things are very important to me,” Will said. “This is such a great ride! The staff who run the organization are wonderful people who care about a great cause and do so much to help raise money for their partner organizations. I’ve been looking for something like Relay for Life on a bike for a long time, and I’ve found it and more with 24 Foundation.”