“Cancer is something people carry every day,” said Jeff Williams, 24 Foundation rider. “It’s something they go to sleep with, and wake up with. The weight is always there.”10257141_10204434422646790_487150419968700420_n (1)

Williams plans to endure a weight symbolic of cancer for 24 days. He has been involved with 24 Foundation for  six years and participates in the Charlotte event annually. This year, he has decided to raise awareness, spark interest and fundraise by carrying around a 24 kilogram, orange kettlebell for 24 days.

Williams admits he may have bit off more than he can chew, or carry, but this weight is symbolic and he knows that the battle with cancer weighs more, and that is what inspires him to continue. He takes his bright orange kettlebell everywhere – church choir practice, restaurants and even when he gets up off the couch at home.

The idea came to Williams after being involved with CrossFit and working with kettlebells. The kettlebell he carries is orange to represent the color of the organization. He also carries around 24 Foundation handouts to give out to people with questions.

The overall fundraising goal that Williams has set for himself is $4,000, and he is happy with every dollar he raises for 24 Foundation. His mother and his wife are a big part of his team, baking treats and selling handbags with a portion of the proceeds donated on his behalf. He is holding a church bake sale on Father’s Day, as well.

The purpose of carrying this weight is significant, and Williams is looking forward to the great conversations that it will generate.

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