24 Foundation is famous for their teams that make the event an annual affair, morphing from first-time riders or walkers, to professionally uniformed and decorated veterans. Last year, Johan’s Midnight Riders took to the Booty Loop for their first appearance to honor Johan Shattuck.

Johan was a science, teacher, dad, husband, and beloved family member who passed away from bladder cancer at the young age of 34. At the time of his death, his children were just 6 and 1.

Five years after losing Johan, the Shattuck family moved to Charlotte into a home right off of Charlotte’s famed “Booty Loop” and enjoyed being spectators and supportive neighbors for several 24 hours of Booty event. Then, at age 13, Johan’s son, Xavier decided it was time to rally his own 24 Hours of Booty team to memorialize his dad.

Xavier’s step-dad Matt Walters, an avid cyclist, thought it was a great idea and stepped into the role of team captain and helped to organize this new crew. Xavier  penned an email to Johan’s immediate family asking for recruits to join the effort. Johan’s mom, brother, nephew, and a family friend decided to join the team. It became even more of a family affair with Johan‘s daughter, Celeste (age 10) designing our T-shirts and helping her mom create a large wooden sign to display at our  team spot on the side of Selwyn road.
Bringing the story full circle, Johan’s wife Trisha is a pathologist who works at Carolinas Medical Center, Main. Her days are spent ensuring that patients get accurate diagnoses of their cancers and working with surgeons and oncologist  to make sure they get the correct treatment.  She strongly supports the mission of the Levine Cancer Center and is delighted that they are a direct beneficiary of 24 Hours of Booty.
According to Johan’s family, their passion for the mission of 24 Foundation is strong. “Cancer took away a young father, son, husband and brother away from us! It absolutely changed all of our lives,” they say. They know that their participation in this event does more than simply honor Johan. It ensures that other parents, brothers, friends and sisters, are provided with cancer navigation and survivorship services to benefit the entire family.