One of the amazing things 24 Foundation has the opportunity to do is offer support and funding to those who hope to make a positive impact on the lives of people affected by cancer. Dr. Jen Pope, oncologist at Levine Children’s Hospital, was given the opportunity to participate in a fellowship at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine with the help of 24 Foundation. Dr. Pope participated in the integrative medicine fellowship with the goal of using her expanded treatment methods to improve the lives of young cancer survivors and inspire other doctors to do the same.

Dr. Pope describes the fellowship and residency experience as, “amazing, thought provoking, inspiring, eye-opening and relaxing,” but above all for her the fellowship was life changing. For Dr. Pope and her patients, cancer treatment goes beyond what can be done in the doctor’s office. Through the fellowship, Dr. Pope learned a multitude of methods that help inspire her patients to become the healthiest version of themselves. From a patient who needed a lifestyle change through nutrition and exercise changes, to a survivor looking for a way to work through anxiety, Dr. Pope was given the resources to bring her new knowledge directly into the clinic. In addition to working with patients, Dr. Pope has been able to impact other staff members, spreading her education to hematology, oncology, and bone marrow transplant providers, so that they can use the integrative therapies to impact a wider range of patients. Dr. Pope hopes start a clinic-wide email to spread new and beneficial topics in the integrative medicine field, like the recently trending topic of treating cancer related fatigue with American ginseng.

24 Foundation’s mission of inspiring and engaging communities to make an immediate impact on the lives of people affect by cancer, has been embodied by Dr. Jen Pope. She has utilized her knowledge from the fellowship on integrative medicine to continuously benefit every one of her patients and inspire doctors everywhere to motive their patients to pursue their healthiest lifestyles. Dr. Pope gives her thanks to 24 Foundation for giving her the opportunity to participate in a life changing fellowship that will allow her to benefit patients and clinics, and we are so excited to see the impact she makes!