14624558075_5212a4d7c0_kThe craft brewing business is booming nationwide and in many localities has combined with the cycling culture, a venture that 24 Foundation Indianapolis rider Matt Kriech has joined in on. Kriech has been riding in 24 Foundation since the event’s inception and has formed a team around his newly launched business – Wabash Brewing. Together with his friends he formed the team because they love riding bikes for good causes, so 24 Foundation is a natural fit. Team Wabash Brewing has ridden in all kinds of rides for both charity and leisure. In fact, one summer the group rode more than 3,000 miles together.

wabashCyclists and beer seem to go hand in hand. Many 24 Foundation teams meet, hold fundraisers and relax around popular breweries in each city. It was only a matter of time until Wabash started their business in the brewing industry. Doors opened to Wabash Brewing on January 2 of this year. Wabash Brewery is a small local nano-brewery. According to their website, “Wabash Brewing is a small craft brewery that focuses on fusing art with science to make truly great beers”. Nano-breweries are an increasingly popular sect of the beer industry. These breweries usually don’t brew more than one batch at a time.

If Matt isn’t busy enough with his team, riding and owning a small business, he also makes time to volunteer with the Booty Crew. The team has always enjoyed being part of the events they ride in. He says it’s fun to recruit riders and see them having a blast on the loop. Matt’s advice for first time riders is to be prepared for a good time — 24 Foundation is a blast for the whole family.

Aside from the fun participants are sure to have at 24 Foundation, the hours spent on the Booty Loop offers several inspirational and heart touching moments. For Matt, his moment was last year when he met a father who had lost his son to cancer, and in his memory he rides 160 miles for his son at the Charlotte event.

“About 30 seconds before the start of the ride I jumped off my bike and ran over and promised to ride the 160 miles for him,” Matt said. “Purely spontaneous! I remember tearing up on the last lap as my odometer clicked past 160. This event can move you in ways you sometimes aren’t prepared for!”

24 Foundation is proud to call Indianapolis home to one of our events. Matt agrees saying Indiana has a great network of health providers to treat cancer and a vibrant Butler University backdrop isn’t a bad feature either.

Matt adds, “In addition, we (Indianapolis) are a craft beer hot spot, so there are plenty of places to enjoy a cold pint after a hard ride.”

To join Matt and Wabash Brewery in this year’s Indianapolis event register here.