bootySTRONGThanks to Bryan McMillan, captain of team bootySTRONG for writing these helpful camping tips!  Bryan and his team takeover a section of Bootyville each year and make it one of the most vibrant areas of the campground!  

First off, who wouldn’t want to go back to the office and be able to say they participated in 24 Foundation and hung out in Bootyville?  You know you WILL be the envy of all those folks congregating around the water cooler on Monday.

Each year the number of Team bootySTRONG riders who set-up camp in Bootyville has grown. We have done a number of cool things to make the whole Booty experience that much more enjoyable for all of our riders and their families

Camping in Bootyville brings the team that much closer together as we are all there for a singular cause and that is to kick cancer’s booty – there is no better place than Bootyville to share this passion.