aggieNo history. No real signs or Symptoms. Boom. You have stage four colon cancer.

These are the words that stunned a close friend of Aggie Flores  heard this year, which stirred her to get back on her bike once again to fight cancer in 24 Foundation.

Aggie is a veteran 24 Foundation rider.  In 2008, she saw a flyer for 24 Foundation at a cancer clinic she was attending. A two time cancer survivor, she was intrigued and quickly registered for the first annual Columbia event. She has participated every year since.

This year, Aggie is riding with her partner Nancy. Together they call themselves Team N.A.,combining their first name initials, but it has another meaning as well.

“N.A. is most commonly known as ‘not applicable,’ so it seemed to fit,” said Aggie Hassan, two-time cancer survivor and long time 24 Foundation rider. “Cancer is not applicable, [it does not define me].”

Aggie and Nancy have a fundraising goal of $2,500 for the 2016 ride. Though fundraising isn’t always easy, Aggie loves the network it creates.

“Everyone has their favorite charity,” Aggie said. “I  like hearing from people who have also been touched by cancer – people I did not know were survivors or lost a loved one to cancer.”

Aggie plans to ride 60 miles in the event. She’s had a goal of 100 miles in the past, but storms,  bike accidents and unwelcome cancer treatments have kept her from reaching it. She is riding in honor of a good friend who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

“There is no cure for his cancer, only stopping the spread,” Aggie said. “I am back on the bike trying to raise money so others do not have to go through what I went through, what my sister went through, what tons of others have gone through, and now what my friend is going through.”

Help Aggie’s fight by donating to Team N.A.’s  fundraising page!