Fighting Cancer One Mile at a Time

Liv Brettschneider is going the extra mile – or rather 460 miles – with her dad, Bill in memory of her sister, Leslie Ann Brettschneider. Leslie passed away on March 15, 2023, after a fight with breast cancer.


The Inspiration

“Leslie wouldn’t want us paralyzed by grief. She would want us to be living and loving and shining light into the world,” said Liv, who first rode in 24 Hours of Booty 2023 just two weeks after what would have been Leslie’s 36th birthday.

As she has been gearing up for 24 Hours of Booty 2024, Liv wanted to do something to make a bigger impact, pay tribute to her late sister’s birthday, and raise awareness and funds for 24 Foundation. Liv is involved with Newtype Cycling – a small but diverse group of riders covering every category of cycling – which is part of the HopFly Cycling team at 24 Hours of Booty. Newtype Cycling is riding in memory of Leslie, and also for those who are supporting loved ones amid the fight, those who have lost loved ones, and those who are fighting themselves.

The Journey

Liv and her dad will ride from New Bern, NC to Washington, DC where the 460-mile journey will culminate at Hains Point. The seven-day NC2DC on Two Wheels journey will kick off on Saturday, June 15. Liv’s mom and their family dog, Oliver, will travel by car to provide sag support during the trip.

On Saturday, June 22, Liv and her family will gather with loved ones, friends, family and members of the DC community to celebrate and honor Leslie’s memory. Hains Point was a favorite cycling spot for Leslie who was an accomplished cyclist. If anyone from the 24 community will be in DC on June 22, all are welcome to come out and ride or hang out. The gathering will take place from 10AM-1PM at Hains Point Picnic Area C.

“Leslie was an extraordinary woman of courage, compassion and her commitment to her community,” said Bill Brettschneider. “I remain incredulous at her passing and miss her daily in many and varied ways. Yet, while not forgetting what lies behind, we press on in the face of our grief.”

Stay Connected

Follow along Liv and Bill’s NC2DC on Two Wheels journey on 24 Foundation’s Instagram and Facebook stories June 15-22 when we share photos and videos from their cycling trip.

Wishing Liv and Bill safe travels and countless memories as you honor and remember Leslie. Many thanks for raising awareness about 24 Foundation and 24 Hours of Booty, and supporting our cancer community during this incredible cycling adventure.

“Join me as we raise funds to support those whose path bears Leslie’s footprints, those who yearn to feel ‘very free and strong.’ Here’s to Leslie!” ~ Bill Brettschneider


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