14623645892_97dc63310c_oIn 2009, a group of friends on an internet forum called “The Lounge,” a segment of RoadBikeReview.com where riders can chat about topics unrelated to cycling, learned that the seven month old son of one of their friends was diagnosed with leukemia.

The group rallied around their friend and Team Collin was created.

Though Collin Marsh passed away shortly after his second birthday, the online friends met in Atlanta in 2010 and rode 24 Foundation in his memory. Since then, the whole group has participated in the event every year.  Members span from around the country from states, such as Washington, California, Texas, and more to make the trek to join their friends, raise money and ride to support the cancer fighting efforts of 24 Foundation.

Vaughn Arthur, an original member of Team Collin, took the team’s dedication to 24 Foundation to new levels in 2013 when he and his friends Stephen Rider and Tom Conrady decided to do the “Grand Tour” and participate in all four event cities. Vaughn, a 28 year cancer survivor himself, rides to give back.

“It’s nice to give back when you’re doing something you enjoy,” said Vaughn Arthur, Team Collin member and cancer survivor. “I’ve made so many remarkable friends and met some truly inspirational people.”

Each year, Vaughn rides in support of a specific person or group. This year, that person is Nadine Wall, a friend he met on his first Booty Loop ever at the 2010 Atlanta event, Nadine is battling cancer for the third time.

“Nadine is the embodiment of 24 Foundation,” Vaughn said. “She’s always smiling, and so positive.”

Last year, Vaughn rode 160 miles in Charlotte event with Team Camden, and has a tentative goal of 200 miles this year. His main focus, though, is spending time with his friends, many of whom he only sees at the events each year. This year, Vaughn is riding in Indianapolis and Charlotte.

“I never set a mileage goal in Indianapolis,” Vaughn said. “That weekend is for catching up with Team Collin and enjoying our time together. We will ride in the Indy event without fail each and every year.”

Help Vaughn and Team Collin reach their goal by donating to their page here, and join them on the Booty Loop in Indianapolis June 24th-25th!