Welcome, July! After one of the wildest first halves of a year we’ve all collectively lived through, we’re excited to go UnLooped July 24th and 25th and experience 24 Hours of Booty through your eyes! We’ve compiled some ideas from fellow participants to help you plan your UnLooped weekend.

July 24th:
Set up your campsite in your yard – add tents, string lights, a cheer station – whatever feels the most like you!
Place your Fuel Pizza order (which gives 24% back to 24 Foundation!) to have fresh slices for our annual midnight pizza feast!
6:45 PM – watch our Opening Ceremonies on Facebook
7:00 PM – celebrate the start of UnLooped with an opening lap ride on your neighborhood course
7:45 PM – enjoy dinner and stay fueled for your next 24 hours!
9:00 PM – participate in an HOA luminary stroll. Walk through the neighborhood to see in honor of and in memory of luminaries placed throughout your neighborhood.
10:00 PM – consider setting up an outdoor movie night with one of your favorite inspirational movies (Rudy? Remember the Titans? It’s up to you!)

July 25th:
12:00 AM – chow down on your Fuel Pizza alongside us on Facebook!
12:30 AM – take a night ride through your quiet neighborhood streets (don’t forget bike lights!)
2:00 AM – backyard camping!
6:00 AM – grab donuts, coffee, and an early morning ride to beat the heat!
7:00 AM – join Jen Eddins on our Facebook page for morning yoga
8:00 AM – participate in a workout with our friends at Hustle House on their Facebook page, or go for a 2.4 mile run or walk.
9:50 AM – tune into Facebook for a countdown to our annual kids’ ride
10:00 AM – cheer on your littlest neighbors as they take off for a ride! Help them cool down with juice boxes or Popsicles for a job well done!
11:00 AM – treat yourself to more coffee and a delicious brunch
11:30 AM – log on to our Facebook or Instagram page to hear the sounds of musical artist Caleb Davis.
12:00 PM – take a midday ride or walk, cool down with a yard splash station, or take a dip in a pool!
2:30 PM – stretch it out with our friends at StretchLab who will lead us through a stretching routine on Facebook.
4:00 PM – scoop up your favorite frozen treats and create your best sundae while checking out this year’s award winners during our virtual award ceremony.
6:40 PM – get ready for our last lap! Helmet on, shoes laced, and ready to take off for our finishing stretch of UnLooped!
7:00 PM – grab your drink of choice and virtually cheers with us to an amazing weekend together!


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