Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.24.23 AMJane Ransel has been involved with 24 Foundation since its inception in 2002, when her son-in-law Spencer Lueders founded the organization. After spectating at the event in Charlotte for several years, Jane yearned to become more involved.

“I was just thrilled when 24 Foundation came to Indianapolis and I could be a part of it,” said Jane Ransel, long-time 24 Foundation volunteer said.

24 Foundation expanded to Indianapolis, Indiana in 2012 and Jane has been a faithful volunteer in the “Booty Store” ever since.

“The Booty Store is such a cool place to be,” Jane said. “I love getting to meet all the riders and hearing their stories.”

While having 24 Foundation come to her hometown was just what she was looking for, having the organization benefit the IU Simon Cancer Center was “icing on the cake” according to Jane. After an unexpected turn of events in October 2014 when Jane was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she became that much more immersed into the cancer community, except this time on the opposite side of volunteering.

Since October, Jane has gone to the IU Simon Cancer Center every two weeks, oftentimes accompanied by her son Andy. Jane had nothing but high praises to say of the cancer center and how much she enjoys going there, ironically enough even though her reason for going is for cancer treatment. She explained the seamlessness of each visit from getting her car valeted to walking into the gorgeous zen-like facility and watching House of Cards with her son while sitting through chemotherapy. Jane spoke even more highly of her oncologist who she describes as “warm” and “always has a bright smile.”

“I’ve always had a good feeling that when I got diagnosed that everything was going to be okay,” Jane said. “I’m hoping to somehow kick [cancer] and give others encouragement that this is a journey and everything is going to be okay.”

Jane’s volunteering and cancer diagnosis has allowed her to see 24 Foundation and the IU Simon Cancer Center in two different lights from giving her time to benefit others to being the individual that is being benefitted by the work of these two organizations.

“It’s so encouraging to see grassroots groups step up and make a difference,” Jane said. “24 Foundation has raised so much money for the IU Simon Cancer Center and the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I think it’s a wonderful idea that they have all joined together to touch so many people’s lives.”