Kimberly first met Aaron on October 13, 2012 through a series of mutual friends. She knew a girl who knew a guy who worked in the Charlotte office of Aaron’s then law firm. That guy, who Aaron had never met, was organizing a cycling team for 24 Hours of Booty. The Charlotte coworker tapped Aaron to be the team captain for the Atlanta event. Aaron convinced several of his coworkers to join the team and fundraise for the event. Kimberly agreed to be part of the cycling team based upon the request of the girl who knew a guy.

Their first conversation occurred by email a week prior to the event when the Charlotte coworker informed Aaron he was not actually participating in the Atlanta event and asked Aaron to send team jerseys to me and others. While the conversation was uneventful, Kimberly proceeded to Google-stalk Aaron following the email exchange.

Kimberly and her friend Elizabeth showed up to 24 Hours of Booty in law firm jerseys. Aaron and his coworkers found this weird, but didn’t say anything to their faces. Also notable, Elizabeth and Kimberly showed up to the cycling event with bikes, whereas Aaron and his coworkers showed up with cases of beer and donations.

Aaron and his friends ended up leaving 24 Hours of Booty early. Aaron lent his camping chair to Kimberly and in the exchange asked for her number so he could pick it up later.  A text conversation turned into a non-official date a week later then an official date the next day.  The rest is history. Kimberly and Aaron met at a cycling event and got engaged after a day of cycling. They married in June 2016 in Decatur, GA in front of 110 guests.