Booty Tribe PhotoWhy do you ride in 24 Foundation? Co-captain of Team Booty Tribe, Deborah Adler’s simple response – “because I have to.”

Two years ago Deborah joined 24 Foundation in Columbia, MD after her good friend Rob Freedman recruited her and her husband Harry to join him on the Booty Loop. Harry at the time was a two year survivor of kidney cancer, now four years, and had just been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma.

After riding in 2013, Deborah began recruiting her friends for the 2014 ride. She merged her crowd with Rob Freedman’s team to create team Booty Tribe. In 2014 Booty Tribe was awarded “Rookie of the Year”, which recognizes a new team who raises the most money for 24 Foundation. Though Deborah, Harry and Rob were not “rookies”, they recruited a new team of over 40 members and led with rookie enthusiasm.

Deborah and Rob have joined forces again this year because of the many people who joined them last year for the ride leaving a lasting impact they will never forget. Rob is committed to putting in miles to fight cancer this year due to the recent passing of his  mother to cancer. Co-captain, Deborah rides for her husband Harry in support of his cancer fight. Deborah has maintained a positive attitude about Harry’s battle and their journey through it.

“[Harry] is my best friend and his cancer is back and keeping him focused is my only mission,” said Deborah Adler, co-captain of Team Booty Tribe.“He is a fighter and I will do all I can to keep him in the battle.”

Booty Tribe is compiled of strong people who show support and compassion for their close friends battling cancer. 24 Foundation connects the suffering and the survivors, founded on a disease so terrible, to create such a bright energy and loud environment.

“Cancer has truly shown Harry how beloved he is,” Deborah said. “The love and care that our long-time friends and very new friends have provided has been a truly unbelievable experience. They have given him strength and hope. They have given me a strong shoulder.”

Booty Tribe has one goal and that is to “raise awareness that the medical world is getting closer every minute to finding a cure and that we, everyone, need to be a part of the answer. Standing by is not an option.”

Deborah’s final remark proves her positivity and the attitude of her entire team – “what if one day soon we can say that because we choose to join 24 Foundation that we helped find the cure for this horrible disease? Can anyone afford not to ride?”