“Jackson was a typical three-year-old boy who loved playing outside and learning” explained Jackson’s mom.

Then, in 2018, Jackson was diagnosed with autism. His parents spent the following months learning how to support his social and sensory needs. However, they could not stop his constant migraines which resulted in nausea, staggering, and slurred speech. After multiple tests, Jackson’s family learned what had been causing Jackson’s symptoms: a brain tumor.

“After receiving the diagnosis, as a family, we had to put our lives on hold,” shared Jackson’s mom. She could no longer provide childcare for other families – resulting in a loss of income for the family – and was forced to put her schooling on hold. Taking care of Jackson became a full-time job.

“Worst of all, Jackson did not understand what was happening to him and why he had to go through all of this.”
Doctors successfully removed the mass from Jackson’s brain, but the surgery caused the left side of his brain to go into “sleep mode”. It took Jackson four months to re-learn how to walk, talk, and dress himself.

“Pinky Swear has been a huge factor in our family’s social and financial recovery,” Jackson’s mom expressed. “We received an Orange Envelope with a small financial gift and other materials about their programs. It was reassuring to know that we had not been forgotten and that we were not alone.”

Jackson is currently thriving in his Spanish-immersion kindergarten program and enjoys learning through jigsaw puzzles, mazes, and math. He has made new friends who are also battling cancer at the Annual Kids Triathlon and the All-Star Holiday Party. He still has yearly MRI’s but there have been no further concerns since his surgery.

“Pinky Swear Foundation has become an integral part of our support system for Jackson,” expressed Jackson’s mom. “The foundation has a genuine concern for Jackson and our family. We are so happy to be involved with Pinky Swear and the wonderful people who support it.”

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