I am a longtime cancer survivor with a current diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. My journey began in 2002 and I am currently a patient at Atrium Healthcare.

The advice I would share with someone facing their own cancer diagnosis is to never give up hope and do things that make you happy!

I didn’t expect to survive and thrive for all these years, and I give enormous credit to my doctors and nurses, and to having caring family and friends including the friendship I’ve received at LCI through the Healing Arts program.

I participate in the Pineville Healing Arts program. I enjoy and appreciate it so much, especially the arts and crafts and chair yoga/exercise, but also the support groups and spirituality support, all of which help me with stress and staying healthy. I feel so blessed being with people who are so supportive.

The Healing Arts providers, 24 Foundation, and 24 Hours of Booty volunteers are amazing; and, the patients reap the countless benefits of support and friendship with them and with the other patients. Now that we’re in the midst of the pandemic, I’m also hugely grateful for the continued support and connection of the Healing Arts online programs. Thank you!

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