Gary and spencerThis year 24 Foundation celebrates 15 years of fighting cancer. It all started with one man one a bike in 2002 on the Booty Loop in Charlotte. Rewind two years prior, Spencer Lueders and his father Gary Lueders were avid cyclists, who followed Lance Armstrong’s remarkable recovery from cancer and the start of his foundation. In 2001, together they rode the entire Blue Ridge Parkway to to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation now known as the LIVESTRONG Foundation. The following year, 24 Foundation was born. 

Spencer prepared a letter to every home in Myers Park along the already established Booty Loop to explain that he was riding for 24 hour to raise funds to fight cancer, and asked that they leave their porch lights on. Family supported him from the sidelines by parking a motorhome in front of Queens University and affixing cancer awareness banners to it, while neighbors contributed to the cause. Several of Spencer’s cycling friends rode part of the time with him, even his boss at the time showed up on a beach cruiser to ride a few laps in memory of his wife who he had lost to cancer.

“The early events were small, being put on by family members and friends. Word spread that this was worthwhile and as the saying goes, ‘the rest is history,'” said Gary Lueders, Spencer’s father. “I am profoundly proud of Spencer and the positive impact 24 Hours of Booty has had on the cancer community.”

Help us celebrate 15 years of 24 Hours of Booty and fighting cancer by joining us to #FightasOne July 29-30th on the Booty Loop! 150 additional spots have been opened. Claim your spot here.