24HOB- Old North RidersEndurance, the outdoors and a great cause is what motivated Charlotte native, Eric Osterhus to participate in 24 Foundation for the first time this year as team captain of The Old North Riders. Over the years, Eric has been astounded by how much the 24 Foundation has grown in its efforts to support the fight against cancer and is excited to get involved and personally contribute to what has become a great effort.

The team originated with a few employees from the U.S. National Whitewater Center, but over time has grown to include some friends and significant others. The team has 10 members who are ready to take on high mileage and fundraising goals.

“Since we work with such active and outdoorsy people, it wasn’t too hard to find folks willing to bike for 24 hours,” said Eric Osterhus, captain of Team Old North Riders.

Their team name developed during a cycling trip to Florida Keys that Eric took with two of his co-workers, who are also members of the team. After a 200+ mile round trip from Key Largo to the Southernmost Point in Key West and back they finally decided on a team name.

“We wanted our name to reflect our home state, so after much deliberation (and cheesy name considerations), we came up with the Old North Riders, which is a nod to North Carolina’s nickname, “The Old North State,” Eric said.

24HOB- Old North Riders Jersey

The Old North Riders will look good in their new team Giordana jerseys that they won earlier this year through the 24 Foundation Giordana Jersey Contest, which kick started their fundraising and team expansion. They can’t wait to showcase these jerseys at the event this year!

The team recently secured NoDa Brewing Company as their team’s primary sponsor, who has made a generous commitment to the team’s fundraising goal. NoDa also allows them to volunteer for sponsored events in order to gain funds. For example, all of the tips raised from this year’s NoDa 5k went towards the team’s fundraising efforts for 24 Foundation. Not only are their donations from larger sponsored events, but they have also been busy raising money individually.

The Old North Riders are planning on riding the whole 24 hours and expect to develop a competitive strategy sometime before the event.

“I think as long as everyone can stay awake and mobile, we’ll be logging miles,” Eric said.

Eric is excited about many areas of the 24 Foundation event as a first time rider. At the top of Eric’s list of things he is anticipating at the event is the midnight pizza party.

Join first time riders like Eric in the fight against cancer by registering to ride this year here!