24 Foundation got a makeover! We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. It was crafted with YOU in mind by a team of fellow 24 Foundation riders! SFW is a North Carolina based marketing agency that also participates annually in the Charlotte 24 Foundation event.

They love the event, are committed to raising money for the cancer community and wanted to use their expertise to deliver a website that was clean, organized and easy to navigate!

Here are the things we think you’ll love about the new website: 

  1. Mobile Friendly – Get the latest and greatest 24 Foundation information on the go wherever you are with your cell phone or tablet. The new website is optimized for your hand held devices.
  2. Easy Navigation – The days of taking time to search for where to register, donate or volunteer are over! The homepage now offers Get Involved buttons for any action you would want to take on the website and gets you to where you want to go in just one simple click!
  3. Refreshed Participant Center – Your personal and team fundraising pages got a new look too! Show off your updated, stylish pages to your friends & family to let them know you’re riding in 24 Foundation!

“As 24 Foundation riders, we are big fans of the event,” said Ged King, CEO at SFW. “Since SFW is all about helping brands win, we wanted to do everything possible to bring success to the 24 Foundation event. We could see there was a great opportunity to better convey the fun and importance of the event via the organization’s website and were thrilled to be charged with redesigning the site to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate.”

Watch for the SFW team on the Loop this summer and be sure to tell them thanks for their incredible work!

sfw Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.05.54 AM

Start exploring the new and improved www.24foundation.org now! 

*Important change to note in the new redesign of the website:  If you have shared your personal webpage with friends and family, be sure to update that link to www.events.24foundation.org/goto/YourName. Emails you send through Convio will automatically be updated.


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