Vaughn Arthur, cancer survivor and member of Team Collin will be riding the “grand tour” in all four 24 Foundation events in celebration of 25 years of survivorship. Vaughn has graciously agreed to let us share his poem entitled, “Cancer”, which he wrote a few months ago to explain where he has been and the impact cancer has had on his life. Please feel free to share this poem with family and friends. Visit Vaughn’s personal page to donate.


I don’t remember much of the day before Thanksgiving in 1988, but it changed my life.
Cancer changed my life with a year of Chemotherapy and radiation, nausea, baldness, weakness and depression.
Cancer told me who my friends were, and who they were not.
Cancer taught me that I really wanted to live and taught me that I wanted to make something of my life.
Cancer taught me to fight, and to care.
Cancer taught me to cry when I needed and scream when it helped.
Cancer taught me that it isn’t a death sentence.
Cancer has helped me make new friends and find new heroes.
Cancer has given me a passion like I’ve never known.
Cancer has given me a cause.
Cancer has made me feel good for caring.
Cancer has made me feel bad for fearing it.
Cancer showed me how much my mother would help me fight for my survival.
Cancer took my mother away. I still miss her each and every day.
Cancer takes something from so many of us. Those of us who survive hope to give some of it back, I’m doing my best.

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