It was once said, “True growth is not an attainable goal but a journey that will last a lifetime.”

While our good friends, Shannon Carney and Dave Pschirer, who co-founded Wind River Cancer Retreats & Wellness Programs – a long-time beneficiary partner of 24 Foundation – have decided to conclude programs at the end of this year, the opportunity for growth will forever continue.

“After dedicating seventeen years to supporting cancer survivors, we find ourselves entering a new chapter in our own lives. It is time to follow our own advice and spend more time in nature, prioritize our health, and seek out more unstructured joy!” said Shannon, a 20-year breast cancer survivor who first participated in 24 Hours of Booty in 2003.

What began as an idea to share the healing power of nature with others through multi-day Cancer Wellness Retreats on their tranquil property in Tryon, N.C. evolved into something much deeper, encompassing not only cancer survivors but also families and healthcare practitioners through myriad workshops, offsite and day retreats, online resources and virtual programs.

Added Dave, “We could have never imagined that a seven-day backpacking adventure through Wyoming’s breathtaking Wind River Range would lead to almost two decades of service and friendships through our Wind River Cancer Wellness Programs.”

Seeing firsthand how Wind River flourished and brought peace, joy, connecting friendships, and healing to so many survivors over the years was priceless. One of the best parts that came from Wind River was the union of Lauren and Rob DiFrank, who are also two special members of the 24 community. While cancer took Rob’s life too soon, we will forever cherish and remember this beautiful love story that happened because of Wind River.

And while we will miss the delicious homemade smoothies and painting rocks at the iconic Wind River booth at 24 Hours of Booty, we are thankful for Wind River’s role in championing survivor support!  For our part, 24 Foundation has been a supporter since 2011, helping to make sure that all of their programs were provided at no cost to survivors, so they could focus on their healing.


When asked what they offer future dreamers, “Don’t be afraid to dream. Combine your passion and perseverance with other like-mined people and together you can improve the world around you.”

Shannon and Dave will remain in their Tryon home, and assure us they will continue to support 24 Hours of Booty.   We wish Shannon and Dave all the best for all that’s to come on their continued life journey. Godspeed.

“Words alone fall short in expressing the profound gratitude that fills our hearts, not just for the many survivors who have graced our journey but for everyone who has become a member of our Wind River Family.~Shannon and Dave

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  1. A true gift to be involved with 24 Hours of Booty since 2003! I remember being bald and cycling one lap at a time. Then resting, and doing it again. It was so encouraging to be on the loop with strangers, that quickly became friends. Thank you Spencer and Susan, and the entire 24 Foundation family!!!!

  2. Shannon & Dave are truly special people and I want to thank them on behalf of myself and ALL survivors who have been touched by their generosity, love and healing energy. They have shared their magical home and lives with us and now it’s time for them to heal too. Shannon & David, you have my gratitude and love and I will continue to support others in the way that you have taught me. Thank you both!♥️

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