Len JanssenLast year Len Janssen rode in 24 Foundation in an unusual way after a friend agreed to bet of riding a lap in a bra if she met her fundraising goal.

“A couple of us agreed to ride with her in bras if all of us hit our goals,” Len Janssen said. “It was well worth the embarrassment.”

Len rides in 24 Foundation to honor those he has lost to cancer, to support those who are still fighting and to express gratitude for the survivors.

“My favorite memory of riding with 24 Foundation is of riding in the middle of the night, one lap for each of the people I’ve lost and spending the entire lap remembering them,” Len said.

Len has been directly impacted by cancer as a result of having several relatives and friends who have battled the disease. His wife Ella is a cancer survivor and he has lost both of his parents, sister and a few friends to the disease. When Ella received her diagnosis the LIVESTRONG Foundation was a valuable resource for both of them to process the diagnosis and begin the road to recovery.

“24 Foundation continues to remind me that there is both a ton to be grateful for and much to still fight for,” Len said. “I value the reminder.”

This year Len will be riding in 24 Foundation for the first time in Charlotte, NC and for a third time in Indianapolis, IN on Team Collin.

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