You may see a lot of orange at events, but 24 Foundation is actually very green!  In honor of Earth Day and making the world a little greener, I’d like to share a couple of the things 24 Foundation is doing to help keep our communities cleaner:

Recycle!  We recycle everything that is possibly recyclable at events, including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, paper and anything else that can be saved.  Last year in Charlotte alone we recycled 1.02 tons of material.  That’s just over 2,000 pounds of material that we prevented from winding up at the landfill!

SpudwareDinnerware.  Did you know that the forks, spoons and knives you use at dinner are made of potatoes? All the plates, utensils and cups are biodegradable and break down naturally in the landfill in many fewer years than traditional paper/plastic versions.

You can help us this year by sorting your recyclable items and depositing them in the recycling containers and help us save the environment one event at a time.  We add new green elements to the event each year in an effort to continue reducing our event footprint and make sure the Booty Loops are around for a long time!

Did you know? 

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