Booty Madness is on its third day and competition is heating up! Here are today’s city standings:

First place: Columbia
Second place: Charlotte
Third place: Atlanta
Fourth place: Indianapolis

Columbia remains in the lead, but Charlotte is creeping up in total points. Atlanta has tripled their points since yesterday. Indianapolis is keeping it steady and climbing up in points. It’s still anyone’s game. You can shoot for more slam dunks by fundraising and recruiting via email. Heres how:

email-logoFundraising/Recruitment Tip: It takes an average of 35 emails to reach the fundraising minimum. Your Participant Center has emails already drafted for you!

Get a Slam Dunk! Every person who sends out at least one recruitment or fundraising email through your Participant Center will get a slam dunk for your city! (Not to mention all the fundraising and recruitment points that result from the email – this could accumulate fast!)

Check out the two tutorial videos below on how you can use your Participant Center email to rack up points and move ahead in Booty Madness! Keep up the good work!

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