Booty Madness is on its fourth day and competition is fierce! Here are today’s city standings:

First place: Indianapolis
Second place: Columbia
Third place: Charlotte
Fourth place: Atlanta

Indianapolis has been hard at work to maintain a good lead in points over the other cities. Columbia, Charlotte and Atlanta are steadily climbing in points. Let’s ramp up the competition over the weekend and see who can earn the most points to be named the winner of Booty Madness come Monday!

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere and there is still plenty of time over the next few days to rack up points and win. It’s still anyones game! In addition to fundraising, help grow your team to earn points. New teams are worth the most points – a whopping 5 points! Don’t forget, each new rider is also worth 3 points. Here are ways you can help your team grow:

Referrals: Did you know more than half of our riders hear about us from a friend, a family member or through grassroots outreach? If you know someone who rides or has been affected by cancer, feel free to send them our information or we can reach out to them if you prefer.

Marketing Materials: Request 24 Foundation posters, handcarts, pens and stickers o promote the event to potential teammates. Fill out the online request for at

Presentations: Have a cycling club, health/wellness group or exercise club? Know someone who does? 24 Foundation staff will work with you to find a time to hold a breakfast or lunch presentation in your office or home. Contact to set up a presentation.

Team Recruitment Parties: Host a team recruitment even to give potential team members a chance to get to know 24 Foundation and find out answers to all their questions.

Happy Hours: 24 Foundation hosts a number of informational happy hours in each city, and we’d love to have you and your friends join us! They are open to everyone – riders, potential riders, volunteers or anyone else interest. Get a round on us, learn about the event, our beneficiaries, and meet fellow riders. Keep an eye on your email for invites!

Email Templates: Visit your online participant center for template emails to invite friends and family to your team. Drop your information into pre-written emails, import your address book and hit send!

Online Information Sessions: Have friends who are thinking about joining us? Join us for an online information session! We will be sending dates and times out via email. Pass these messages along to those who might be interested!

Social Media: Social media can be a simple and effective way to get information to your circle of contacts. Share your story, one of our informational videos or even something from the 24 Foundation social media pages to get others connected!

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