24 Foundation inspires and engages communities to make an immediate impact on the lives of those affected by cancer.

The impact we make starts with participant fundraising. Great news: fundraising doesn’t have to be intimidating! Our toolkit provides tips to meet and exceed your minimum before event day.

Contact us anytime for tips, ideas, and encouragement.

Visit our Impact page to learn more about the beneficiaries we fund and the impact your fundraising dollars are making.

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Matching Gifts submitted after July 1st, 2020 may not be reflected on fundraising pages until after the event as the processing time for matching gifts can vary by company. If you are unsure whether your company provides matching gifts, we invite you to reference this list


Top Fundraisers

Katie Bleau $7,390
Mark Hindal $5,000
Don Sheehan $4,371
Jim Gleason $2,070
Curt's Fundraising Page $1,624


Top Fundraisers

AmWINS Group $13,179
Cigna $6,103
Team Camden $5,422
Team Cootie Jones 2020 $4,875
Salty Pineapples $4,748