14937130029_99531d3f5e_k (1)Cycling is a part of the corporate culture at Booz Allen Hamilton. The government consulting firm has a very generous community partnerships team that help contribute to rides and provides additional funding to assist with fundraising and entrance fee for an array of clubs focused on a particular sport.  Employee,William Sellers first heard about 24 Foundation from a co-worker, who was looking to add more charity rides to their corporate team ride calendar at Booz Allen Hamilton.

“The clubs can chose the rides they participate in and they ride in 24 Foundation because they  have several team members who are passionate about the cause and really enjoy participating in the ride, even when it rains,” said William Sellers .

Sellers, who has been cycling since he was in college, loves group rides, being out on the bike, riding with friends and has even competed in a few races. If he had known about the ride prior to his three years participating, then he would have become involved a lot sooner.

24 Foundation allows Sellers to do something he loves and support a cause he is passionate about. He has lost many relatives and coworkers to cancer and believes we need to keep fighting the disease until we find a cure.

“I think no one should have to go through it alone, especially young adults. I think the [Ulman Cancer Fund] is doing great things, and I’m happy to help any way I can,” Sellers said.

This year, Sellers created fundraising goals for him and his team. His personal goal for this year is to exceed $1,000 and he is encouraging team members to raise at least $300.

“I had a bet with Basil that he would ‘prancercize’ at 24 Foundation if I got at least 20 riders on my team,maybe we’ll get a cameo at this year’s event,” Sellers said.

In the past he has been successful at fundraising through emails, but this year Sellers is also trying to incorporate a snack cart in the office so that they can sell afternoon pick-me-up candy in an attempt to increase fundraising.

When it comes to making mileage goals, Sellers is more into the fun than the miles. He originally set a goal to ride 100 miles, but learned that it’s way more fun for him to enjoy the Booty Loop than to track his miles.

The midnight pizza party is Seller’s favorite part of the event, but he really enjoys hanging out in Bootyville with his team and riding with other riders, as well.

Becoming involved with 24 Foundation has motivated Sellers to do more to spread the word and get people involved.

“I always wear a cancer awareness band on my wrist (pink or yellow), and in general 24 Foundation has opened me up to helping those who are currently fighting the battle,” Sellers said.

Interested in joining Will to ride in  24 Hour sof Booty Columbia – Register here!

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