IMAG0461Congratulations to first time 24 Foundation Columbia rider, David Parks for winning a new Pinarello Treviso as part of our Bike Give Away Contest!

David learned about 24 Foundation after his cancer diagnosis in 2012. After discovering an abnormality and going through a series of tests by his doctor, David was informed he had testicular cancer. Shortly after his diagnosis he underwent surgery and radiation treatment to put an end to his cancer and fortunately for David all cells were contained and removed!

After his surgery, David and his wife had been trying to conceive for several months and were blessed with a little girl named Serenity. David is eternally grateful for his little girl, who serves as a constant reminder that blessings can come during the most difficult of times.

After completing his cancer treatment and already having a passion for cycling, David researched ways he could get involved to benefit the cancer community. Be it divine intervention or coincidence, David found that 24 Foundation Columbia was a local event fairly close to his home that answered his call to give back. David is a first year rider and member of the Booty Loopers team.

I really look forward to the 24 Foundation because it gives hope to people that are still fighting the good fight against cancer and I really look forward to being a part of that community,” David said. 

David hopes that from his story others find hope in what seems to be a hopeless situation. He firmly believes that life is all about the “golden nuggets” or take aways it can give.

While my diagnosis was not as severe as others, cancer is one of those things that scares anyone and is guaranteed to change your life,” David said. “It is up to you to determine how you are affected.”

Congratulations again David and we look forward to seeing you on the booty loop on your sweet new ride!


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