This is second in a series written by Sweet Rides team members Tracy and Therese.  Thanks for sharing your fundraising wisdom! 

So you need to raise money. You have asked your parents, siblings and friends to donate and they are tapped out already. Your goal is in sight but seems so far away now. Strangers and acquaintances can now be your allies.

Donors can be found anywhere and everywhere. For example they can be found at your gym, grocery store, bank, salon, eye doctors and even parking lots.

Any business you frequent can become a place for potential donations. If you work in a building with other businesses, drop in the offices to see if you can leave a jar for donations and flyers about the event. They don’t have to do anything but provide a little bit of space and potential donors.

Working out with a trainer, you make sure they know what your physical goals are for the event.  Ask if they would like to donate. Getting your hair done talk about the event. Ask if they would like to donate. You’re getting your eyes checked. You tell you eye doctor about the event. Ask if they would like to donate. Have something about the event to give to them a card with the web address and your name. Thank them even if the only just listen, part of it is building relationships.

One of the main events that Tracy and I do throughout the spring, summer and fall is we have a table at our cities Friday Night Live event.  It is the first Friday of the month in our downtown area that is full of restaurants, music and entertainment.  We have partnered with a business that knows we will be there each month, out in front sharing our message.  We provide an activity for the kids (and adults), sometimes a raffle, and it gives us the opportunity to share with strangers and people we may not see often our message about 24 Foundation.  We make a personal connection with them about their connection to cancer and invite them to ride, volunteer or make a donation in honor of someone.  Sometimes they throw some change in our bucket and sometimes they make larger donations, but we are building those relationships and sharing about LIVESTRONG and 24 Foundation along the way.  We have found team members, corporate sponsors and volunteers at these events.  Each time we are there we walk away with something that makes it worth our time.

Be polite, friendly, make a connection and let the spirit of what you are trying to accomplish, getting rid of cancer and supporting the cancer community, speak volumes.  Take our fundraising ideas, find your own and find the hidden donors!!!!

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