Volunteers are the backbone of 24 Foundation. Without them, the events would not be possible.

Jane Ransel started volunteering with 24 Foundation at last year’s inaugural event in Indianapolis.  She was hooked from that moment on,

“I have had so much fun meeting new people and getting to know the cycling community and how dedicated they are to the sport and to  each other,” said Jane. As an ambassador for the event and the organization, Jane has promoted the cause and ride throughout Indianapolis at events, such as the Indy Crit, Hilly Hundred, Major Ballard’s Polar Bear Ride, the new WTHR Health Expo and even a concert at Klipsch.

Like many others affected by cancer in one way or another, Jane was inspired to make a difference from her connection to it. She has many family members who have had cancer and her co-worker’s wife is currently fighting Stage IV breast cancer. She adds, “Volunteering is about supporting the ones we know and love who are fighting this horrible disease.”

“But what is all comes down to is when you hear the heartfelt stories of the cyclists riding for their individual purposes with such passion then coming together as a whole is very powerful,” says Jane who has made new friends  through 24 Foundation.  “You can feel it.  And to be part of it all is such an honor. Come volunteer – the event is a blast!”

24 Foundation has volunteer opportunities in four cities – Indianapolis, Charlotte, Columbia and Atlanta. Engage with other cancer fighters and create friendships that will last a lifetime. For information or to sign up, visit the volunteer page.

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