Billy Craddock ATLBilly Craddock learned he had cancer on LIVESTRONG Day, October 2, 2008. After undergoing surgery, a friend told Billy about 24 Foundation Atlanta. 24 Foundation was the answer Billy was looking for on how he could help those who helped him through his fight. Billy’s desire to support others has motivated him to continue to ride with 24 Foundation for the past three years.

“I was more than ready to give back to those that helped me through my darkest time,” Billy Craddock said. “I went through many emotions as is normal I guess, and did a lot of research. Part of my research led me to the LIVESTRONG website, where I got personalized and very caring service.

Billy’s involvement has been both heartfelt and light hearted. Last year, he donned a Ralphie costume from “A Christmas Story” when riding, which was well received by other riders. It was hard to miss him on the Booty Loop in his pink bunny suit and thick black-rimmed glasses. His unique riding gear spurred several picture opportunities and murmurs of the well-known phrase from the film, “you’ll put your eye out kid.” Regardless of his attire, Billy has most enjoyed the wonderful people he has met at the event from year to year.

“I cry at each event and realize just how lucky I was compared to others, and I feel a bit more like a complete person knowing that in some small way I have given back and or helped someone else get the same great advise that I did,” Billy said.

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