Healing looks different for everyone. For some, it can be very private and personal. For others, it comes as they discuss and share experiences. The latter has definitely been the case for breast cancer survivor, Diane, who attends Levine Cancer Institute’s Healing Arts weekly knitting and crocheting circle.

Diane has been attending several of the Healing Arts classes offered through LCI for the last two years. She started going soon after her mastectomy when her nurse navigator told her about the program. Back in 2016, she didn’t know how to knit, but two years later, as we sat talking, she was wearing a beautiful sweater she made herself.

“Knitting is very meditative and therapeutic,” she said, “Recently they thought that my cancer might be back. I had to go through the screenings and biopsies all over again. During that time, I would just find a room in the house and knit to take my mind off of it.”

Fortunately, the tests came back negative and Diane is in remission. However, she continues to find solace as she knits and chats with fellow attendees on Monday afternoons.

“I just love 24 Foundation for funding these classes,” she said, “I think I’ve only missed two weeks in the last two years.”

The group that attends these weekly knitting classes has become a support group for her. It is a place where they can empathize over bad days and celebrate victories together.

Many who attend are cancer patients themselves, however, all are welcome. One regular participant is the wife of a cancer patient at Levine Cancer Institute. She said that it is helpful for her to hear from others who are going through treatment because it allows her to better understand what her husband is experiencing.

Knitting isn’t the only class offered through LCI’s Healing Arts program. They also offer Tai Chi, yoga, therapeutic art, writing, and music therapy– all of which are designed to help patients and their families better navigate the emotional challenges of diagnoses and treatment.

Artist in Residence, Deborah Bennett had this to say about the program, “Art fosters the human need for self-expression. The Healing Arts Program at Levine Cancer Institute provides opportunities for cancer survivors to create art in a positive, supportive environment. Art provides an opportunity to process one’s experience. Art positively affects our mood, making us feel happier, calmer, or even inspired to do more. It can provide a better quality of life, providing hope and happiness when faced in difficult times.”

24 Foundation’s vision of cancer navigation and survivorship for all is realized through program’s like Healing Arts. We are proud to partner with Levine Cancer Institute and invest in resources that enhance the lives of survivors now and decades into the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the Healing Arts program and other Cancer Support Programs available at Levine Cancer Institute, please visit them online or contact 24 Foundation.

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