Diane HarderThese are the words of Diane Harder, who will be participating in 24 Foundation Columbia with Team bootySTRONG. And as you can probably tell, Diane is more than ready for this year’s ride. In fact, this year’s ride will not be her first time participating in a 24 Hours Booty, as Diane has been an active participant for several years.

“I became involved in 24 Foundation when they had their first event in Columbia,” Diane said. “At that particular time my sister-in-law’s brother was battling brain cancer. About one month before it took place I saw an ad for it in Spokes magazine – I signed up and was able to raise about $1,000 in a few weeks.”

The following year, Diane signed up again. She dedicated her ride to her sister-in-law’s brother, who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer earlier that year. This year, Diane has a new mission. She will be riding in honor of her longtime friend and childhood neighbor, Lynn (Beck) Kammerer, who is currently fighting Stage IV cancer.

In April 2008, Lynn was diagnosed with rare type of cancer called adenocarcinoma. Doctors gave her an initial prognosis of five years (April 2013). Since that diagnosis, Lynn has undergone many surgeries and continues to undergo bi-weekly chemo, along with the recent addition of a new drug called irronitecan. Lynn’s positive attitude and strength during treatment has served as an inspiration to those close to her.

“What strikes me most about Lynn is her will to live every moment to its fullest, her beautiful smile, and her most positive attitude. She is a fearless woman,” Diane said.

Diane is passionate about helping Lynn prove the doctors wrong by surpassing and defeating her five-year prognosis. “Lynn once said to me, ‘Who knows maybe there will be a cure someday soon. I sure would like to be here when they find it!’ I believe Lynn deserves that chance – she is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a friend.”

This month, Diane, along with members of her team and hundreds of other riders and participants, will come together to take on the Booty Loop in support of friends, loved ones and all those affected by cancer.

“Together we will make a difference and help kick cancer in the butt,” Diane said.



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