John LindJohn Lind is riding with 24 Foundation for a third time this year in Indianapolis at the end of June.

There are many reasons John rides with 24 Foundation,  for one, he is a stage IV “thriver” or cancer survivor and also has had many family members and friends affected by cancer. John’s dad passed away thirty years ago from kidney cancer, for whom John took care of the last couple of months that he was alive by organizing a hospice setting at his house and arranging his affairs.

“After watching what he [John’s father] went through it was absolutely chilling to be told I had Stage IV head and neck cancer at five years younger than what my father was when he passed away,” John said.

24 Foundation and the team John rides with, Little Spokes of Hope, are constant reminders that he is incredibly fortunate to be not just a survivor, but a thriver, and that he is not alone in dealing with the disease, treatment, recovery and side effects.

“Cancer is a marathon, often a very long relentless one without any respite for the rest of your life,” John said. “It can be ongoing treatment to hold it at bay, dealing with relapses (as with lymphoma), or coping with significant treatment side effects, some of which are lifelong. 24 Foundation is a marathon event that is a very fitting metaphor.”

Other diseases such as swine flu, measles, chicken pox, mumps or mononucleosis, all which John has had, are much like sprints to the goal without any respite for the rest of your life. Through the help of the LIVESTRONG Foundation, John has been able to clear the emotional, financial and physical obstacles to go beyond surviving to thriving.

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