SONY DSCKlipsch, one of the first loudspeaker companies in the U.S., has been producing premium speakers since 1946. Klipsch became an official sponsor of 24 Foundation in 2012, and this year they continue their support on a national level.

“To be a national sponsor helps us raise awareness and money for 24 Foundation’s commitment to cancer initiatives,” said Rich Doppelfeld, VP of Global Human Resources, said. “It also gives us a platform to bring the emotion of the live music experience that Klipsch speakers and headphones deliver to riders and their support teams onsite. Additionally, we are allowed to expand our brand on a national platform.”

The start of the relationship between 24 Foundation and Klipsch happened a few years ago when Rich Doppelfeld was invited by a friend to ride in the Charlotte event. Rich knew right then that it would be a great philanthropic endeavor for Klipsch when the event was brought to Indianapolis.

Klipsch has sponsored 24 Foundation in many ways and forms. Since becoming a sponsor in 2012, they have been able to offer in-ear headphones as giveaways, fundraiser contest prizes, including KMC Wireless Music Systems and formed a team to fundraise and ride.

“Our team rides not only in memory of loved ones affected by cancer, but also to celebrate life,” Rich said. “The ride unites co-workers, family and friends for 24 hours, supporting each other along the way with a common goal to wipe out cancer. In just three years, Team Klipsch has grown to more than 30 riders and is on pace to raise over $10,000 toward cancer initiatives in 2014.”


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