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The LIVESTRONG® Foundation, 24 Foundation beneficiary, provides the practical information and tools people with cancer need to live life on their own terms. Its mission is served through advocacy, public health and research. LIVESTRONG leaders nationwide deliver messages that support its mission, as well as create new activities that promote the mission. 

Currently, there are 32 million cancer survivors worldwide. As of 2010, cancer is the leading cause of death. LIVESTRONG aims to flesh out the stories behind these statistics and change the way the world fights cancer. To do so, LIVESTRONG has relaunched and rebranded its Guidebook, an online and print publication that provides an abundance of resources and references for those diagnosed with cancer. The Guidebook provides patient navigation information ranging from insurance, finances, fertility preservation, clinical trial matching, and emotional/peer support. Since 2004, LIVESTRONG has provided patient navigation services and helped over 90,000 cancer patients.

Last year, LIVESTRONG received 12, 500 new clients that requested a Guidebook to learn about all the resources available to them to aid them in their cancer journey. The Guidebook gives cancer survivors the information necessary in order to make informed decisions that are vital to their success in fighting cancer. Of the programs mentioned in the Guidebook, fertility preservation is program that is being utilized by more cancer patients as they plan for their future. To date, 850 cancer patients have utilized the fertility preservation program. Other programs in the Guidebook include:

LIVESTRONG works around the belief that it isn’t about a cure tomorrow, but support today. The foundation serves all family members impacted by cancer. Here in North Carolina, Camp Kesem — one of several Community Impact Projects –offers free week-long summer camps for children affected by a parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem North Carolina is solely run and operated by college students from Duke University, NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. The camp empowers student leaders and embraces the overlooked population of children to give them the opportunity to just be kids. 

Don’t let cancer control your life. To get more information on the information and resources available in the LIVESTRONG Guidebook and to get your own print or electronic copy please visit or call (855) 220- 7777 for free cancer support.

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