LS JerseyWe know that many of you, like us, have been following the news about Lance Armstrong over the past year, and await his interview with Oprah.

Over the past six months, most of what we’ve heard from the 24 Foundation community has been support for LIVESTRONG. Some riders just want Lance to confess and say he’s sorry. Others couldn’t care less about doping and want to keep the focus on the cancer fight. We have only received one email from someone who feels LIVESTRONG should be implicated and ‘go down’ with Lance.

So where does 24 Foundation stand? We stand with those who fight cancer. We stand by our riders and supporters. We stand by LIVESTRONG.

We stand by LIVESTRONG for the patient navigation services they offer people who hear the words, “You have cancer.”  The first place many people go when they leave the doctor’s office is the LIVESTRONG website.  It has consistently served as a resource and support for riders and loved ones dealing with fertility issues, insurance questions, clinical trials and more.

We are confident that LIVESTRONG is a good steward of the funds 24 Foundation raises, as are our local partners.  If you have questions about where their money goes you can look at their homepage at where they provide that information.

If you have questions about their programs I encourage you to check out LIVESTRONG’s website with info on how they help survivors. Click here to hear how Heather used patient navigation services to walk through her diagnosis.

We don’t officially know what Lance and Oprah will reveal on Thursday night – even though we kind of do. However, we do know that the funds 24 Foundation grants to LIVESTRONG support the 28 million people battling cancer worldwide, and that’s something we’re proud to support.

If you have questions, please drop me a line. Thank you for the work you do locally and nationally to help those fighting cancer. It is making a tremendous impact in people’s lives.

Basil Lyberg
Executive Director, 24 Foundation
704-365-4417 ext 117

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