Matt Magnasco requested a bicycle to be the cake topper at his wedding this May. His decor choice may seem unconventional, but it actually follows suit to how he met his bride, Michelle Seymour.

Michelle was looking for some help getting back into cycling, and a mutual friend connected her with Matt, who also cycles. Matt reached out and suggested they get together, so he could get a better idea of what her goals were.

As Matt describes, “I was prepared to treat this as more of a ‘businesslike occasion,’ but Michelle wasn’t in the same ‘business mindset,’ which was pretty lucky.” In the following weeks Matt and Michelle went riding together and then met up again to debrief.

It wasn’t long until they began dating. Both being cyclists, they had separately participated in Charlotte’s 24 Hours of Booty in previous years. In fact, Michelle is the baker of the magical muffins provided to guests at every Wind River Cancer Retreat.

In July of both 2017 and 2018 they rode the Booty Loop together. So, yes, having a bicycle cake topper sounds unorthodox but nothing would fit this couple better than to kick off the ride of their life with a bike on the top of their cake.

Looking forward to see you on the Loop this year, Magnasco family!

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