Meet Susan. 


Susan is a wife, mom, grandmother, good friend, Cape Cod native and a breast cancer survivor.  She wants to make sure everyone knows that the other things come first.  “I don’t want to be defined by cancer,’ she said the first time we met her. “I’m still me and the disease doesn’t take that away.”

Susan is a current participant in the Carolinas Cancer Wellness Program, a program for cancer survivors funded entirely by 24 Foundation riders.  The program focuses on helping survivors get back in shape and improve their wellness at any stage of their cancer journey.  Participants work with a personal trainer, yoga instructor, registered nurse and dietician to make sure they are doing everything they can to regain strength and get back to normal.

For Susan, the program is an opportunity to do something for herself and move past her disease.  “Since Thanksgiving my life has revolved around my left breast and I’m tired of it!” she said.  “This program gives me the chance to get outside of that and do something entirely for myself.” 

For the next 12 weeks, Susan has graciously agreed to let us follow her journey through the Wellness Program, her radiation treatments and how she is beating cancer.  You can follow her weekly updates every Wednesday on the Booty Blog.



If you or someone you know would like more information about participating in the Carolinas Cancer Wellness Program, please contact Kim.  The program is open to all cancer survivors during any stage of their diagnosis, treatment or remission. 

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