Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.55.08 PMAthleticism is not a defining factor when it comes to participating in 24 Foundation. Each event is open to riders of all levels. 24 Foundation attracts riders who are just hopping back on a bike after years and others such as Hannah Glassman, who are well accustomed to riding. As a triathlon athlete, Hannah has had much practice with cycling over the past few years. Cycling has become one of her passions – a passion that sparked her interest to get involved with 24 Foundation Columbia.

“My triathlon teammates and friends have been participating over the past years,” Hannah said,  “Hearing their heartfelt stories and many reasons for why they ride motivated me to join their team.”

Like many of her teammates, she made the decision to ride in honor of the many family and friends she had that lost their battle with cancer. One friend in particular has been her motivation to continue to ride as he is still currently fighting the disease.

“I rode in honor of all my loved ones and friends affected by cancer, specifically a young man named Ian Godman,” Hannah said. “He’s still fighting and kicking cancer’s butt so I’ll be riding again this year.”

Competing in triathlons helps Hannah prepare for the 24 Foundation event each year.  The event takes place at the end of her triathlon season, making her body well prepared for the long ride.

“Long distances have never been my thing, but the increase in training frequency and intensity during those shorter distances definitely helped my endurance for the event,” Hannah said

24 Foundation has been life changing to many riders. Although some may not have experienced cancer themselves, riders are inspired being surrounded in an environment of many strong individuals who refuse to give up the fight.

Although Hannah is a triathlete, this ride is about more than athleticism. It’s about fighting cancer and riding for those who are unable to ride themselves.

“Sometimes the world can be bleak, so it’s extremely refreshing to be around such a great group of people, out there riding for the benefit and honor of others,” Hannah said.




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