Nathan hevesyNathan Hevesy has been involved with 24 Foundation Atlanta for the past four years after making the decision to start cycling in 2009. His passion for cycling was further sparked by his previous employer, Ingersoll Rand, who had a team for many years in the Charlotte event.

“I decided to join [24 Foundation Atlanta] coupling my dad’s previous fight with cancer and my love for cycling,” Nathan said.  “It was an unbelievable event and paved the path for my captaincy in Atlanta for the past four years!”

Nathan is amazed by the perseverance and positive outlooks riders and supporters share about the difficult trials they have experienced in their lives. 24 Foundation has inspired Nathan and his family so much so that it has become an event they look forward to every single year.

“People like my father, Nadine, and others that told stories (and continue to fight) make me go the extra mile,” Nathan said. “I have never battled cancer, but have been around many that have and have lived to tell the tales of the fight.  As a community, we can do so much more to help the people fighting and the cause, and this event is simply a stepping stone to bridge the gap in many peoples’ lives.”

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