peets_coffee_lg_clr_contPeet’s Coffee & Tea has been serving great tasting and high quality coffee for the past four decades to coffee lovers all over the nation. With a passion and goal to continually strive to raise the bar for the coffee industry, Peet’s has also been supporting their customers by serving as a sponsor of 24 Foundation for the past two years.

“We learned of this opportunity in late 2012 and sought to become a sponsor of 24 Foundation as it is an event that helps support many customers that may enjoy our coffee experience,” Scott Clewis, District Sales Manager at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Charlotte said. “We at Peet’s are big supporters of the Levine charity programs, as well as giving back to national and local charities across the US.”

Peet’s Coffee and Tea are strong supporters of the Levine Children’s Charity with Harris Teeter and the Children’s Miracle Network nationally, among many other programs. Being involved with 24 Foundation has allowed Peet’s to give back to the beneficiaries that 24 Foundation supports, but also to connect with individual riders across all 24 Foundation locations. Peet’s Coffee  mainly support 24 Foundation by providing coffee for all of the 24 hours that the events take place, but employees of Peet’s have found other ways to support the cause as well.

“I rode in the event last year and was accompanied by our Senior Director of Sales of Groceries from our home office in California,” said Scott. “It was a wonderful experience and a great way to support Peet’s strong passion and goal of giving back to local and national charities.”

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